Intelily Eduversity is one of the most prestigious school in India. It a non-government organization incorporated with MCA in Mumbai. The school was born out of the pioneering efforts, dedicated to the cause of education of our group of board members. Intelily Eduversity is built for the purpose of making education a real treasure for the students. The school provides the right inputs to help the children thrive in their lives. The school focuses on building a positive character and a right personality in every child.

Life at Intelily Eduversity is built over the shared commitment of academic intelligence, art, athletics, ethical awareness, sportsmanship, and community serving. The school’s accessibility and tradition add to a broad curriculum to each student’s life.The school considers education as a lifelong process that builds a strong foundation in an individual’s life. The ultimate goal of the school is to inculcate in the students a value of learning and moving ahead to chase the opportunities by excelling at every level. The school lays a special focus in developing the intellectual and practical skills among children that will help them to meet future challenges in their lives.

We'll One Over 30 Years Of Experience You Always The Best Guidance

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